A day in the life of cosmos!


Thank you for waiting for the update of the SIP blog.

While many might be familiar with what happens in a day in SIP, I would like to give everyone a personal walk through of how hard our kids work. November has been an extremely busy month for Cosmos.

On this day they worked hard to show their sweetest smiles for their photos. While the rest practiced their Christmas speech patiently.



After everyone had their photos taken it was time to return to the classroom, but it is autumn and it was raining leaves. Everyone was on the lookout for the perfect leaf on their way back. Did anyone manage to find the perfect red and gold leaf this fall?



Next on the schedule is the learning game. CVC and phonics aren`t the easiest topics to learn but everyone has tried really hard. Their look of concentration is adorable, they really worked hard with their listening and reading skills.

Moving on with the day we have art coming up. The theme for the month was safari animals for Cosmos. Thus, they tried their hand at silhouette painting. Here we have them paining their backgrounds for the rest of the art.

After this it was time for them to enjoy and relax for the day. So, on onwards we went to run free amongst nature. Thank you or tuning in. This is Cosmos class logging out for the day 🙂

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