Finally it is November in the Ocean Class!

Hello – Hello – Hello!

Its finally November and before we talk about the first big highlight of the month for the Ocean class let us briefly look back at the October finale, Halloween!
Can you guess who they were for Halloween?
Now, with the interest of Under the Sea animals already growing it just fits perfectly with the theme of November (Animals all around: Under the Sea) and the venue for the much awaited event for the start of the month which is the picnic at Kyoto Aquarium.
The Ocean class like all other days started excited and filled with curiosities of what the day had in store for them! Moreover, they continued and ended the day with the same energy filled with smiles and laughter.  Here are some captured pictures of the fun-filled day they had at the Kyoto Aquarium.
It truly was a fun filled and memorable day for everyone in the Ocean class! As there are still a few months left before the year ends, everyone looks forward to what is next and in store for them! 

(Bonus photos) 
This month’s theme is Under the Sea and what better way to learn and review the letters Ww, Ii, Gg, Ll and Jj but through a game of pretending to swim under the sea...
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