Ready – Get – Set – Go! Let’s Get Physical!

Hello – Hello – Hello, SIP family and friends!

The theme for this month of September is “Lets Get Physical!” This month we talk about and experience various sports activities, exercises and different Gross Motor movement! As it happens, our 5th Sports Day is just around the corner and this month has given us many opportunities to familiarize, practice and ultimately have fun with the activities that we have prepared for the day!

For our little brothers and sisters of the Ocean class this is a first and whole new experience!

For our Sun class brothers and sisters, we can see how much they have grown as they have already experienced this last year!

And For our Cosmos big brothers and sisters, we can see them oozing with confidence, pride and excitement as they are glad to lead the other classes and show off to everyone what they can do!


Here are some snippets of the busy yet fun practices our SIP kids have been doing in preparation for Sports day!

We are all looking forward for SIP’s Sports Day and cant wait to enjoy it with all of you!

We promise to play nice! Work hard and most importantly stay kind!


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