Red, red, green

This week Ocean class played wood blocks and practiced matching left and right with green and red. But first we need to stretch!

After we’ve warmed up our bodies we need to warm up our ears too! If you hear a “red” sound jump right! If you hear a “green” sound jump left!

Then we listened carefully to “green” and “red” rhythms, and marched and hopped around the room on the coloured lines. Careful not to fall over!

Finally we tried tapping the red side of the wood block (each wood block has a red and a green sticker) while stepping on the red line, and tapping the green side of the wood block while steeping on the green line. This was pretty tricky, but everybody did their best!

Everybody’s listening, as well as balance and coordination is getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what they can do next week!

Dorian Liebert

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